Braces Orthodontics in Huntington Beach

Braces Orthodontics

Braces are orthodontic devices responsible for straightening crooked
teeth. There are 5 main types of braces available today: Metal braces,
Ceramic braces, Speed braces, Lingual braces, and Clear aligners (such
as Invisalign).

Metal Braces

You have probably heard of or seen metal braces before. Metal braces
are a common type of braces. Metal braces are sometimes known as
traditional braces. These use braces, wires, and elastic ties passing
across your teeth.

With modern technology metal braces have become more effective and
comfortable. They also come in colors that make them appealing to
children and teenagers.

Metal braces are probably the best way of correcting moderate to
severe cases of misalignment.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are braces made of clear, tooth-colored material that
resembles your natural teeth. These also use wires like metal braces but
they are less visible.

Ceramic braces are not for every case. Your orthodontist should be
able to determine whether ceramic braces can straighten your teeth or

Speed Braces

Speed braces are similar to metal and ceramic braces. They use wires
but the difference is that these braces make it easy for the
orthodontist to adjust teeth using spring clips.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the least common type of braces. They are placed
behind teeth. Not all orthodontists can fix lingual braces because this
technique is not taught in regular orthodontic training. Only a few
orthodontists offer these braces.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners such as Invisalign are increasingly getting popular
because they offer additional benefits. While these may not be suitable
for severe cases of malocclusion, they can straighten teeth in a
discreet manner. They are technically invisible because they are
transparent. They offer faster teeth straightening compared to metal
braces in some cases. What’s more, they are less interruptive to a
patient’s lifestyle. While most braces have food restrictions, clear
aligners are removable and can be taken out during meals, allowing the
patient to eat practically anything.

Straighten your teeth today using one of our different types of
braces. Give us a call.