Orthodontics in Huntington Beach


Orthodontics is a dental specialty that focuses on correcting bite
issues commonly referred to as malocclusion. Most people consider
orthodontic treatments to improve their smiles, but these treatments can
also improve oral health and teeth functionality. People with
orthodontic problems may have challenges with eating, speaking, and even
breathing (at the very extreme).

The most common orthodontic treatments are braces, retainers, and
aligners. These help in straightening your teeth thereby improving your
teeth functionality, giving you a beautiful smile, and improving your
dental hygiene.

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who undergoes additional
training to be able to handle orthodontic problems. It is good to seek
treatment from an orthodontist rather than a regular dentist. Regular
dentists have limitations in what they can correct.

Common orthodontic problems

Most people seek orthodontic treatments for cosmetic purposes, but
orthodontic problems can also cause a series of other issues, which is
why getting treatment is important. There are a number of dental issues
that can be classified as orthodontic problems including:


A condition in which your upper teeth stick out beyond your lower


A condition in which your lower teeth stick out further than your
upper teeth.

Overlapping teeth

A condition in which your teeth overlap each other.

Crowded teeth

A condition in which your teeth are larger than the jaw or your jaw
is small and the teeth lack space.

Crooked teeth

A condition in which your teeth are bent inward or outward.

Rotated teeth

A condition in which your teeth are twisted most likely as a result
of dental trauma.

Impacted teeth

A condition in which your teeth partly or fully fail to emerge.

Where to find orthodontists

If you are concerned about the alignment of your teeth, schedule an
appointment with our orthodontists. They’ll help you improve your bite,
and cosmetically improve your smile. Call our orthodontists.