Orthodontics in Huntington Beach


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting bite
issues also known as malocclusion. The most common orthodontic
treatments are braces and aligners. Your bite has everything to do with
your oral health.

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who undergoes additional
training to be able to handle bite issues in patients.

It is best to seek orthodontic treatments from an orthodontist.
Orthodontists can also do dental fillings, crowns, and bridges.

Orthodontics for children

Children can also benefit from orthodontic treatments. The most
common orthodontic treatments for children are braces. The American
Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should start
orthodontic evaluation from the age of 7. This is a good age to spot
future problems. If problems are detected early, there is a good chance
of getting them under control.

Common orthodontic problems

Most people seek orthodontic treatments for cosmetic purposes.
However, orthodontic problems can cause a series of other issues, which
is why it’s important to get treatment. There are a number of dental
issues that can be classified as orthodontic problems including:


A condition in which your upper teeth stick out too far beyond your
lower teeth.


A condition in which your lower teeth stick out further than your
upper teeth.

Overlapping teeth

A condition in which your teeth are misaligned.

Crowded teeth

A condition characterized by a lack of space in your jaw causing
teeth to crowd with some pushing over others.

Crooked teeth

A condition in which your teeth are not correctly aligned. They may
be facing further inward or outward.

Rotated teeth

A condition in which your teeth are turned around their long axis.
Mostly occurs as a result of dental trauma.

Impacted teeth

A condition in which your teeth are partially or fully trapped under
your jaw.

Straighten your teeth

The benefits of getting orthodontic treatments include improved bite,
easy cleaning, and a beautiful smile. If you have any of the above
problems, call us to get the details on how you can get help from our