What to Expect With Orthodontics in Huntington Beach CA

In addition to straightening teeth, orthodontic treatment can also improve your self-esteem and overall health. While straight, beautiful teeth are desirable, it is more crucial to ensure that your jaw and teeth are healthy. 

Pros of Orthodontic Treatment

Enhanced Oral Health – Once your teeth are straightened, your gum and tooth health will significantly improve. Plaque-covered, cavity-filled teeth are frequently the result of food getting stuck in crooked teeth. 

Improved Bite & Chew – Being unable to chew and bite could even lead to ill health from undigested foods and your body might not absorb all the food nutrients. This can potentially cause malnourishment if the issue isn’t fixed.

What many people don’t realize is that orthodontic treatment can preemptively alleviate physical health problems. Without orthodontic treatment, individuals are more susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, bone destruction, chewing and digestive difficulties, speech impairments, tooth loss and other dental injuries.

Orthodontic Treatment Near Me 

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