Adult Braces in Huntington Beach

It’s never too late to improve your smile or oral health regardless of age and stage of life. If you are getting married, starting a new job or just want to have a confident smile, this is a perfect time for you.

Good news! Here at Peninsula Orthodontics, Dr. Hou has many treatment options that will tailor to your hectic life schedule and budget and get you the confident smile that you have always wanted.

One of the best and most popular reasons for adults to get braces is improvements in personal appearance and of course self-esteem. Equally important is the improvement of the oral health.

Teeth and gums can deteriorate with age so it is more important to keep them healthy and clean. Having perfectly aligned teeth makes oral hygiene much easier to maintain and periodontal disease can be reduced significantly.

Crooked and crowded teeth can cause tooth decay and bone loss. In addition, overbite or underbite can lead to abnormal wearing down of the teeth, TMJ problems and inability to chew properly.

If you previously had braces and your teeth are crooked again, especially the front teeth, call Peninsula Orthodontics NOW !!!

What do Adult Braces do?

  • They correct the malocclusion, allowing for better chewing ability, and for improving oral and gut health.

  • When teeth are spaced or crowded, food can trap in between the teeth which can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Having a perfectly aligned teeth, oral hygiene can be maintained much more easily and periodontal disease can be reduced significantly.

  • Orthodontic treatment can lessen jaw pain and headaches, which can be caused by pressures on the ill-fitting teeth.

  • Adult braces can improve overall oral health.

What Sort of Treatment Options are Available for Adults

We understand! Braces used to hurt, but not any more. Whether you had braces as a teenager or you never had orthodontic treatment before, here at Peninsula Orthodontic we can take care of your needs. Here are the two most popular treatment options:

  • Invisalign Aligners

    Invisalign are very discreet because they are tailor-made to your teeth position and virtually invisible. These custom made clear aligners are the preferred choice to straighten teeth more predictably. Dr. Hou will use an iTero scanner which creates 3D images of your teeth to formulate a custom treatment plan just for you. From there, you’ll get a custom treatment plan that’s right for you.

    Wearing a series of Invisalign aligners for the prescribed time of 22 hours per day, your teeth will slowly move into the correct position due to the pressure put on them by the aligners. However, you can remove this type of braces to eat and brush your teeth.

  • Traditional Style

    Metal brackets and archwires have come a long way. No longer a sight to behold, your mouth will have subtle brackets and wires running through them. You can even get tooth-colored brackets for extra invisibility.

Visit Dr. Hou Today

A complimentary consultation at Peninsula Orthodontics will determine the treatment type most suitable to your needs based on the following:

  • The amount of crowding or spacing

  • The amount of time you will need to wear braces

  • IWhat type of treatment best suited to your lifestyle

  • The severity of your malocclusion

We have many adults seeking treatment and that goes for the rest of the world too. It is never too late to correct your smile for whatever reason you have. Moreover, orthodontic treatment is painless and faster than before. Contact Dr. Hou today to begin the transformation.