WindSmiles Braces in Huntington Beach

WindSmiles Braces in Huntington Beach

What are WildSmiles Braces?

While traditional braces are plain-looking, WildSmile Braces are made up of a variety of shapes. This allows your child to express herself with braces as she would with clothes.

What are the Benefits of WildSmile Braces?

They have no extra benefits over traditional braces in aligning teeth. The benefit lies in the fun of choosing an individualized design, encouraging the otherwise skeptical child to embrace the braces.

Is the Treatment Different from Traditional Braces?

No, it is the same. WildSmiles offer significant aesthetic advantages. They ultimately work the same as traditional braces and will yield the same results. WildSmiles are made with high-quality materials that will last for the duration of the patient’s treatment. Visit our Huntington Beach orthodontics office for more information, or contact us via email or telephone.