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Is Clear Aligner Therapy Right For You? Huntington Beach CA

Clear aligners are popular because they can do many things traditional orthodontics can do more discreetly and conveniently: tooth movements happen in them, most types of malocclusions (jaw misalignment) can be improved with clear-aligner therapy but some cases still require traditional braces or a combination between techniques for better results.  Clear aligner therapy refers to …

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The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment in Huntington Beach CA

Beyond improving your bite and straightening your teeth, orthodontic treatment can also improve your overall self-image. While having straight, beautiful teeth is important, the most crucial issue is whether or not your jaw or teeth present any health risks.  Improved Oral Health  Your oral health will dramatically improve once your teeth are straightened. Plaque-covered teeth …

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Do I Need Orthodontic Treatment? Huntington Beach CA

Beyond straightening teeth, orthodontic treatment can also enhance your overall self-image. Orthodontics can also enhance your image, in addition to producing straighter teeth and a more attractive bite. While it’s important to have attractive, straight teeth, the most critical issue is to rectify any health problems that may be caused by your jaw or teeth.  …

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What You Need To Know About Orthodontic Treatments in Huntington Beach

The benefits of orthodontic treatment frequently go beyond straighter teeth and the apparent physical changes of an enhanced bite. It’s also an excellent way of improving your overall self-image. While it’s important to have straight beautiful teeth, what’s more important is the need to alleviate any possible health problems related to your jaw or teeth. …

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Welcome to Your Orthodontist in Huntington Beach

Orthodontist in Huntington Beach At Peninsula Orthodontics, we understand the importance of having a orthodontic practice that provides you with exceptional care. Our staff is committed to serving each and every patient with attentive care and impeccable dental work. As one of our patients, you deserve nothing less. Peninsula Orthodontics has been making families smile …

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