traditional braces

Traditional Braces Near Me, Huntington Beach CA

If you have crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, traditional braces may be the answer for you. Braces can also help correct a misaligned bite and other jaw issues.

If you’re looking for traditional braces to treat an orthodontic health problem, we are here to help! Traditional brackets and wires gently shift your teeth into a healthier alignment over many months of treatment time. Whether it’s straightening your smile or correcting your bite and jaw alignment that has led you here, our friendly staff will work with you to get the smile that suits all of your needs perfectly.

How do I take care of my braces?

Brushing and flossing are always important, but it is especially true when you’re wearing braces. Regular brushing and flossing will keep your braces clean and help you avoid stains on your teeth. Your dentist may also recommend you use a special brush to get into the hard-to-reach spaces between your braces and reduce your risk of cavities. Most importantly, be sure to keep your follow-up appointments. Seeing your dentist regularly will ensure your teeth are healthy and help your dentist address any questions or concerns you may have.

What to know about Metal or Traditional Braces 

Traditional braces are not as expensive or bulky and can be the best option for severe cases of tooth crowding. They give your orthodontist everything he needs to move the teeth in small increments with ease, unlike other less effective options like clear brackets or aligners. 

The main disadvantage is that one might tend to feel self-conscious about their mouth appearance when wearing them. For people who don’t care how they look, though, Invisalign may seem like a better choice because you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your alignments!